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Initial Consultations   


1st Visit 


On your first visit to the Chiropractor, you will be asked to fill in forms to provide essential information on your details and about your health background and history. In the initial consultation you will: 

  • have a basic orientation to the situation and the possibilities of treatment

  • be given a full spinal examination

  • be provided with an order for X-rays to be taken, if required, and to be dropped into the practice by you before your 2nd visit

  • be given an adjustment using a safe, gentle technique


"Your visits are timed to give you the best results"

2nd Visit 

This involves viewing an explanatory DVD on spinal function followed by an explanation of your examination and the X-rays, and the findings from these. A number of options of care to resolve your concern will be outlined to you. An explanation of the impact your problem will have on your present and future health will also be detailed.


You will be adjusted again, using the technique the Chiropractor, in consultation with you, feels will best address your specific situation. Outcomes probable and possible, from your adjustment, will be outlined so that there are no surprises for you. Any concerns you have will be addressed.


The Two Visit Approach  

  • Reduces the length of the 1st visit

  • Allows for findings to be correlated

  • Reduces information overload for the patient


We always attempt to prepare your care plan to meet your particular circumstances, situations and needs, incorporating the chiropractor’s professional judgement and your input.

Regular Visits

  • Usually involve just an adjustment

  • Are of 5-10 minutes duration, usually, based on the findings from the initial examination and present findings, neurological and physical.

  • Build on the one before. Missing a visit may result in a loss of momentum in making the needed changes to your spinal function.

  • Permit assessments to determine if progress is on, ahead or behind schedule, allowing your care plan to be adjusted accordingly.